Use Cases

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Marketing Campaigns

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Increase your Sales.

You can adapt your website to launch up-selling, cross-selling campaigns. Viralize your products through social networks.

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Engage your visitors

Launch abandon recovery actions. Don´t lose any prospects, create lead generation action in your website.

Use cases by Industries


The corporate websites of automotive companies receive a large number of visits to explore various models of cars. Currently, those leads are lost and not converted into sales.Wiseapp detects the interest of each visitor, highlighting the attributes of each user's preferred car model. WiseApp launches an offer and in return asks for contact information in order to be contacted by a seller, the dealer closest to the location of the potential customer.

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Creating empathy with website visitors. WiseApp detects the visitor's product of interest. It recognizes the interest in products to protect assets, (Cars, Home or Theft on public roads) or Planify the future, (life, savings/investment), or special insurance for each need. WiseApp transforms the website through the use of visual cues by adapting texts, images, videos, and stories. WiseApp generates effective campaigns to increase the conversion rate of each visitor.

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Looking for a loan. When WiseApp detects indecisions about the different types of loans, it can launch a wizard-style application that allows your website to ask questions for an evaluation appropriate to the profile and needs of each visitor. This accompanies and reconfirms the loan acquisition by requesting your data to show a recommended loan simulation.

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Its corporate website is distributed in several places and presents a diverse offering. This can be confusing to your website visitor. WiseApp detects the information of each visitor through AI and guides your visitor to the correct content. After it asks your visitor's contact information to be contacted by the right Account Executive.

Other cases

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NGO Organisation

Improve your communication. Receive the donation of each visitor. A picture is worth a thousand words. Highlight how your visitor can help by triggering calls to action initiatives.

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Political Party portals

Inside out roll with surimi, tuna, cream cheese, sesame seeds and fried onions.

Landing Pages

Use WiseApp to increase the conversion rate of your Landing Page.

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Call Center

Manage the flow of your call to action from your website. Direct it to your Call Center to provide a sales agent, customer service, or your Contact Center to activate your Voice Bot.

Pricing Modalities


1 months free to test the power of WiseApp. It includes five hours of implementation.

Annual price

Daidinjo sake with a mild aroma and subtle floral notes.

Monthly base

Smooth, fruity, and cloudy sake, perfect for pairing.

Taylor made

An easy-drinking premium sake with a rich flavor.

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Use Cases


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