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How WiseApp came to be

WiseApp was born from a dreamer who saw the need for websites to evolve. Stop being reactive and start being proactive, transforming and adapting to each visitor. WiseApp is a powerful and versatile tool that is part of the digital transformation of your business.

Looking at the rigidity of today's websites and the loss of opportunities to convert and optimize your website visits into customers, is how WiseApp was born.

After several years of research and development, an innovative platform was created, which allows adapting websites in real-time. Simply incorporating an agent, which allows you to install sensors on the website. They test every action of the visitors. Through business rules, defined by professionals, powerful actions are triggered, which increase the conversion rate of your site.

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Seek Reinvention Reinvention moves the world forward. And that’s what we do best. We help organizations lead change through the digital and cognitive transformation of your website.


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